|     Bridging the gap between the worlds of art and science.
Rachel Heckerman has a love between art and science, and has been finding unique ways to bridge the gap between the two in her career. Her science communication work involves closely collaborating with science teams, documenting their researching and editing them into compelling film narratives. She works in some of Earth's most remote locations, including Antarctica and the Arctic, utilizing her skills as a videographer, designer, photographer, and writer to translate different stories of science.
Rachel has found herself in some unique situations, from handling scorpions and tarantulas in Costa Rica, living at a bird camp in the Arctic of Alaska, to documenting ballooning and space science in Antarctica.
She has worked on collaborative projects with NASA, the National Science Foundation, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge within the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service.
If you're interested in her projects, working with her, or would just like to hear some of her bizarre bug stories, shoot her an e-mail at rheckerman@gmail.com
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